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The Hills Hoist: Beloved Australian Icon

The beginning

The Hills Hoist: Beloved Australian Icon. In the sun-drenched backyards of mid-20th-century Australia, a quiet revolution was spinning into action. Laundry day, once a tedious chore, was transformed by the arrival of the Hills Hoist clothesline. This unassuming rotary clothesline, with its spinning hoops and folding arms, would become an unlikely Australian icon, earning a place in the nation’s heart and history.

hills hoist

The story

The story begins in 1945 with Adelaide inventor Lance Hill. Frustrated by the tedium of sagging clotheslines and the constant battle against wind and weather, Hill set out to create a better solution. His innovative design featured a rotating central pole, multiple radiating arms, and the groundbreaking ability to be easily raised and lowered. The Hills Hoist was born, offering a faster, more efficient way to dry laundry, shielded from the dirt and dust of the ground. Easy to maintain by a handyman


As the Hills Hoist gained popularity, it became a ubiquitous sight in Australian suburbs. More than just a practical tool, it soon transcended its purpose to become a cultural symbol. The Hills Hoist represented a simpler time, a bygone era of outdoor living and community spirit. It was a gathering place, a playground, and a steadfast companion to the ebbs and flows of family life.

Children found endless joy in the Hills Hoist’s potential. It became a makeshift carousel, with kids clinging to the spinning lines, their laughter carrying on the breeze. Birds, too, adopted the Hills Hoist, roosting in its elevated arms, safe from predators. Neighbors would chat while hanging laundry, exchanging stories and local news. The Hills Hoist fostered connection, turning a mundane task into a moment of community.


The Hills Hoist also reflected Australia’s love affair with the great outdoors. In a country where sunlight is abundant, line-drying was both economical and environmentally friendly. The Hills Hoist embraced this, maximizing the sun’s power while minimizing effort. It was a celebration of Australian practicality and ingenuity.


Today, the Hills Hoist remains an enduring symbol of Australian suburbia. While modern alternatives have emerged, many still cherish their trusty Hills Hoist. Vintage models are lovingly restored, and the design continues to inspire new generations. The Hills Hoist stands as a testament to Lance Hill’s ingenuity and the power of a simple idea to capture a nation’s heart.


In the end, the Hills Hoist’s story is one of more than just a clothesline. It’s a tale of community, innovation, and the memories woven into the fabric of Australian life. As long as the iconic silhouette of the Hills Hoist graces our backyards, a piece of the nation’s history will remain forever hoisted high.


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