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Shellac The best Lacquer For Furniture


Shellac The best Lacquer For Furniture: Imagine a finish that has graced woodwork for thousands of years. Offering a richness and depth that modern synthetic lacquers can only dream of matching. This is the allure of shellac, a natural resin derived from the secretions of the female lac bug. For centuries, this unique material has been used to create beautiful. A long-lasting finishes that highlight the natural beauty of wood.

shelac bug

The Shellac Bug

The creation of shellac is a marvel in itself. Picture a small lac bug, feeding contentedly on the sap of a lac tree. As the bug secretes a protective coating around itself, this resin hardens into beads that are carefully collected and processed. Through a series of steps that involve purification and grinding into a fine powder. This natural treasure is transformed into a versatile finish. This can be mixed with alcohol to create a liquid shellac solution. This process has remained remarkably unchanged for thousands of years, making shellac one of the oldest known natural adhesives and finishes.

Shellac Specialities

But what makes shellac so special? For starters, it’s incredibly eco-friendly. As a natural product, shellac is biodegradable and produces far less environmental impact than synthetic lacquers. It’s also free of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making it a healthier choice for both users and the environment.

The benefits

Shellac’s benefits extend far beyond its green credentials. It boasts superior adhesion properties, forming a rock-solid bond with wood.  And other porous surfaces that ensures a finish that will last for years. Imagine a piece of furniture with a shellac finish. The colour will be rich and vibrant, perfectly enhancing the wood’s natural tones. And because shellac dries quickly and can be easily repaired if needed. It’s the perfect finish for busy woodworkers or anyone who wants a durable, low-maintenance piece.

shelac furniture polish


The warmth and depth of color that shellac imparts is another reason it’s so beloved. Synthetic lacquers often struggle to replicate the rich, almost three-dimensional effect that shellac can achieve. It’s like the finish has a life of its own, subtly changing and developing over time as the wood breathes.

A breeze to use

Shellac’s ease of use is another major advantage. It can be applied with a brush or cloth, and dries within minutes to a hard, yet flexible finish. This makes it perfect for both experienced finishers and beginners alike. And because it’s compatible with most other finishes, shellac is incredibly versatile – it’s the chameleon of finishes!

Eco Friendly

While synthetic lacquers have their place, especially for modern, high-gloss finishes, shellac’s unique combination of environmental friendliness, superior adhesion, rich color, and easy application make it a finish that woodworkers and enthusiasts will come back to again and again. Its long history of use is a testament to its enduring value and popularity. Used and recommended by the handyman


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