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Plaster Patching

Patch and Paint


Patch and Paint

As property maintenance specialists we have performed many hundreds of patch and paint projects, small and large. Mainly for Real Estate agents vacate maintenance. As a result we have gone through the process of trial and error. We follow pretty much the same process and always ensure we lay down drop clothes to protect floor coverings.

Step One

Clean the damaged area of any loose or flacking material and finely sand around the area. Then, use an atomiser spray the exposed area with clean water a number of times. This will result in improved adhesion of new plaster.

Step Two

Forget using Spac fillers and the products off the shelf that boast all kinds of features. Instead you should use in rapid set plaster specially made for patching. Then just add the plaster to water and mix thoroughly into a workable paste. Add a small amount of PVA glue, this will result in making the material more workable and achieve greater adhesion to the back ground.

Step Three

Apply the plaster with a steel trowel. Leave the patched area slightly proud of the original surface and allow time to dry. You can use a heat gun to reduce drying time. But, be very careful not to hold the heat gun too close and blister the paint.

Step Four

Lightly sand the plaster patched area and prime. If you need to match the paint colour then scrape a section of paint of the wall and take it to Bunnings. Their paint department will match the colour for you. If you have trouble scraping a decent sample then use a heat gun to soften the paint. This works every time and you will get a decent size sample.

Step Five

Apply 2 coats of the paint using a small roller and you’re done. It is best to use a roller to achieve a similar texture as the original coat of paint. Using a brush will leave brush marks and not achieve the same textural finish.

ALWAYS, use a drop cloth especially over carpet. Take extra time to get properly set up. Time spent at the front end will save you time at the back end. Trying to remove paint from carpet because you did not lay a drop cloth. Always have a bucket of clean water handy.

These useful tips and advice will help you maintain your valuable property assets. There is no such thing as maintenance free! Performing small repairs around the house can be fun and you get to see the results of your handy work.



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