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Pitched Roof Or Flat Roof: In Perth’s unique climate, most homes boast intricate roof structures, adorned with hips, valleys, and ridges. These designs are not visually striking. They come with significant drawbacks. For starters, the construction process is incredibly labour-intensive, requiring expert craftsmanship at every intersection to prevent future leaks. Even with meticulous construction, these roofs are prone to leaks due to their complex geometry. The result is an underutilized, dust-filled roof space that becomes an inviting home for pests like rats, birds, and mice.

Pitched Roof

But what are the specific issues with complex roofs? For one, the intricate design makes it difficult to properly ventilate the roof space, leading to moisture build up and potential mould growth. Additionally, every hip, valley, and ridge is a potential weak point, requiring regular inspections and maintenance to detect leaks early. Even with these precautions, leaks can still occur, causing damage to the interior of the home and necessitating costly repairs. And, then is the additional complexities and covering with tiles. This is another labour intensive process and another maintenance headache.

Additionally they soak up the heat during the day and take forever to cool. This is definitely the wrong choice of material for a hot and dry climate. The alternative is colour bond metal roof sheeting. This is a more economical low maintenance option. And, this material will cool far quicker than tiles.

Flat Roof

Consider the alternative: flat or skillion roofs. These simple designs offer a compelling solution. Flat roofs require far less labor and material to construct, making them a cost-effective choice. But the benefits extend beyond initial costs. Flat roofs are easier to maintain, with fewer nooks and crannies for leaks to develop. They also offer greater potential for solar panel installation, contributing to long-term energy savings.

Specifically, skillion roofs, a type of flat roof with a single sloping plane, are particularly advantageous. They provide excellent drainage, further reducing the risk of leaks. And with the right design, skillion roofs can be visually striking, offering a modern aesthetic that complements many home styles.


So when you’re planning your new home in Perth, don’t let tradition limit your options. Embrace the practicality and benefits of flat or skillion roofs. With their combination of simplicity, durability, and energy efficiency, they represent a smarter choice for Perth homeowners.


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