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The first step to achieving rental property value is to hire a reliable handyman service. The relationship between contractors and property managers is essential to achieving well maintained rental properties. Property managers have their hands full overseeing numerous rental properties at once. They perform regular property inspections, prior occupancy, during the leasing period and final vacate inspection. A handy man service will be required to attend to maintenance issues at all of these phases. The handy man will also be able to advise the property manager and offer technical assistance. So both property manager and handyman depend on each other to professionally maintain valuable property assets.


Streamlining property maintenance will save time, money and avoid miss-communication. For property managers, it is essential they are familiar with most technical maintenance terms that tradesmen use. This will ensure the handyman is getting the correct information to act on. It is all about effective communication.


One of the most regular maintenance issues is patching and painting chips and gouges in walls and doors. To save a lot time and money it is essential to have a catalogue of paint codes for walls, doors and frames on record. And, touch up paint samples kept on site. If this is not the case, then engage us to take paint samples from walls and doors and have them professionally matched at Bunnings. So, then samples are on site for any patching and painting. This will save a lot of time and money and ensure a perfect colour match every time.


Catalogue door handles, door knobs. This is will save a lot of headaches for property managers and save a heap of time and money in the long term. As maintenance specialists we come across rental properties with numerous different brands of door knobs. Often they are not standard off the shelf brands. This makes it time consuming and costly to replace. The best advice is to replace all the door knobs with one brand that is readily available off the shelf at Bunnings. A reliable brand is Lane; they reproduce the same style for decades and always available. They are a reputable brand and ideal for rental properties. It may seem a costly exercise to change all the door knobs. But, the average home only has 6 doors. Units, town houses and flats even less.

So, when it comes time to replace door knobs, the process is simple because the property manager can supply a catalogue to the handyman.  


These are just two ways to streamline property maintenance and make it easier for property managers and handyman maintenance services. These will save you and your landlords a lot of money in the long term. Standardising where ever possible is the best solution.


We will suggest more ways to streamline in future maintenance blogs.


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