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Renovate Your Kitchen

Renovate Your Kitchen

Embarking on a kitchen renovation is like embarking on a thrilling adventure. The idea of turning a plain old kitchen into a visually stunning, functional, and comfortable haven is exhilarating. But, to make your dream kitchen a reality, you need to roll up your sleeves and dive into some serious planning and consideration.

First Thing First

The first step on this journey is to figure out what you want from your renovation. Are you looking to add some style to your kitchen or make it more functional? Perhaps you’re eyeing up some extra space, or maybe you just want to give your kitchen a fresh new look? Nailing down your primary goal from the get-go will give your renovation a clear direction. Whether you’re planning to merge your kitchen with your dining area, extend the space, or add an island, having a clear vision will give you confidence about the end result.


Next up, it’s time to get inspired. If you’re a fan of the latest trends, that’s fantastic, but remember that trends can change faster than you can say ‘kitchen renovation’. So, it’s best to draw inspiration from timeless designs. There’s something incredibly satisfying about being in a kitchen that’s maintained its style and elegance over the years.


Designing around functionality is key. After all, a kitchen is primarily a functional space. This doesn’t mean you should overlook aesthetics, it just means that your renovation concept should ideally revolve around your appliances. Do some research on the sizes and styles of appliances like dishwashers, sinks, microwaves, and ovens. These all play a critical role in ensuring everything fits together perfectly.


Don’t forget about the little details. These are the elements that add charm and personality to a space. Consider the types of taps, hinges, edging details, and the style of sink you’d like. These small additions can make a big difference, adding character and sophistication to your renovation.


Visualization is crucial. Create a mood board using décor magazines and digital sources like Pinterest. Review the board daily and reassess whether certain items still appeal to you or if they’ve lost their charm. The goal is to refine the board until you’re completely satisfied with the final result. Once you’re happy, leave the board for a few weeks, come back to it, and if it still appeals to you, then you’ve made the right choices.


Finally, remember that the fun is in the planning and visualization. It’s tempting to jump right in and start renovating, but it’s essential to take the time to walk through your dream kitchen in your mind and get everything on a mood board before you start. Once you’ve finished planning, it’s time to call in the professionals for the actual renovations. As tempting as it may be to take a hammer to the wall yourself, it’s best to leave the heavy lifting to the experts. By approaching your kitchen renovation with vision, planning, and patience, you’ll end up with a kitchen that’s not only the envy of your friends but also the dreamiest kitchen in town. We can offer advice recommend and refer


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